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Choosing to go with God where my church culture had forbidden, I had no clue how much seeing, how much grieving, how much pain lay ahead. And how very much love and life. Abuse had begun to open my eyes to evils in my church culture. Then, God took me on a pilgrimage into the past, to show me what is happening now. On the one hand, Christian leaders pummeled and guilted me to choose loyalty to a denominational organization above all else. On the other hand, the quiet voice I had spent 40 years learning to know spoke by the Spirit and the Word.

Masters of misdirection spend their lives using anyone, everyone, to get whatever they want. Mobbing, or adult bullying, is abuse. Bullying thrives in systems where manipulation, coercion and control are accepted as the norm. That question, asked so long ago and far away, haunts me here and now. For where people identified with God cling to deep double-mindedness, Ahab and Jezebel can rise up in force.

Tragically, it happens again and again. Even in suffering, even in exile, may you find growing within you: A life energetic and blazing with holiness, conceived by God himself. Life healed and whole. Laughter and singing. Genuine faith proved genuine. Living hope. Lord Clavell then says that his daughter's prospects for marriage were ruined forever; however when Catherine apologizes and offers to help his daughter find a suitable marriage match, Lord Clavell reveals that his daughter is dead as she committed suicide after being rejected by another suitor.

Reclaim Our Power or Face Extinction: The Choice is Ours | Dissident Voice

Lord Clavell then insults Catherine by calling her daughter a common whore for flirting with his son to help her mother; Catherine and her daughter then get up and leave the dinner together. In In a Clearing , Francis enters his chambers to find his mother, a very happy Queen Catherine hard at work ordering servants about as she redecorates her son's chambers complete with: new window dressings, redone furniture, new paintings etc. When she asks him what he thinks; Francis tells his mother that she is being excessive and he wants her to stop; however Catherine says that her son's chambers need to be bright, cheery and romantic the perfect environment for a King and Queen to make future Princes and Princesses.

Catherine walks up to her son and plays with his collar as she says that Francis was thought lost forever, then that remarkable woman Delphine saved his life and she is so grateful that she plans on having her chambers redone next. Francis asks his mother to be honest with him as he wants to know if some small part of her coveted the Regency. Catherine replies that: it's a good job for someone who is always right, but as it turns out some people despise her, and that she would never want to ascend to power if it meant losing him.

She puts a loving hand on her son's face and finally says "What's France without my Francis? Anthony in the wrong place as it should be facing the bed not the door, and Francis looks at his mother curious as a kitten as she explains that St. Anthony is the patron Saint of pregnant women. A short time later while in her chambers happily going over decorations for her son's room, Catherine runs into an old friend Nostradamus ; Catherine says that she heard he was back and while decorum dictates that her visitors be announced even an old friend, but he never said goodbye.

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Nostradamus counters by saying that he quietly left from the courtyard after she left him to be drawn and quartered. Catherine changes the subject by saying that she knows that he has been helping Francis get well, and since she is grateful for this there is no reason to hold grudges. Nostradamus says that he has heard about her battle to become Regent and that it has not been easy for her since many despise her, but Catherine says that this battle is a thing of the past since her son's health has miraculously improved; however Nostradamus has news for her and he cares about her children not her aspirations.

He tells her that her battle to become Regent may not be over, but Catherine can see no reason why she would fight to be regent since her son the King is alive; Nostradamus tells her that he spoke with Francis and has learned that the moments Francis saw before he died match a vision Nostradamus has always had about his death. Catherine says that his vision is true but incomplete as he didn't know that Delphine would heal him; however Nostradamus says that he has seen other images about Francis' fate which were more strange and dreamlike.

Catherine stops what she is doing as she listens to Nostradamus tell her of: a tree in a glade with white snow about the bottom which reveals itself to be white flower petals, these petals have blood dripping on them from above; Catherine pauses him to ask if he's referring to blood raining from the sky, and he says that he's not sure as he wakes up at that moment. Catherine asks if this dream returns to him, and when he says that is does; she mentions the first prophecy was fulfilled, and how often does he have this dream; Nostradamus admits that he awoke from this dream that very morning and that the threat has not passed.

The Queen looks worried and asks if he is sure the vision is about Francis, Nostradamus admits that he is positive as Catherine asks what can be done to keep him safe, and what dangers he should avoid; however Nostradamus apologizes that he cannot tell her what there is to fear. Catherine tells him that since Francis trusts him then he must warn him, but Nostradamus asks exactly what is he supposed to say to a King who is basking in his sudden return to life?

He then suggests that Catherine tell him, and that she may have a better chance of getting him to listen to her since she is his mother. But Catherine is afraid that her son won't listen, and Nostradamus tells her that he hopes Francis does listen for if he doesn't he is afraid that Francis will die. Catherine says nothing but has a look of worry and fear in her eyes. That afternoon, in Francis undone chamber, Catherine is talking with her son about the conversation she had with Nostradamus. Francis is curious as to just what his mother is talking about, however Catherine can only explain what Nostradamus told her, and she is not sure what it all means as she says the specifics don't matter since she now believes her son is in danger.

Francis asks exactly how this foretells his death, and did Nostradamus see him in this vision, but Catherine says that sometimes the visions aren't so black and white, and sometimes they are symbolic but the point is that there is something ominous in his future. Catherine then says that her son's brain fever has only recently subsided, and she knows that his health is not fully recovered and since she is his mother how can he think that she cannot tell.

Francis doesn't believe a word of it as a very worried Catherine gets up and urges her son to be safe, and when he asks how she tells him to surround himself with guards and not leave the castle only until Nostradamus learns more; however Francis will not be confined and tells his mother that he will not hide waiting for a dream of his death, that he is living his life, and not being reckless and if only his mother could see what he sees. Catherine realizes that the illness and everything Francis has been through has changed him, but Francis says maybe he has changed but he wants to: visit the Matterhorn, sail everyday with Mary until the snow comes, visit the Verdon Gorge, and he promises to take every precaution if only for the sake of the people he loves including his mother.

Catherine sighs and has worry and love on her face as Francis tells his mother that he knows she means well as her actions have always been motivated by her devotion to him and her other children.

Catherine kisses her son's hands and tells him that it's mostly her devotion to him, and that while she shouldn't play favorites, as she puts her hands on her son's head and face she tells Francis that he is her golden child and that she can't and won't lose him. Francis looks into his mother's eyes, seeing her love for him and tells her that she can't keep him in a cage not even one made from love. He then kisses his mother and leaves the room as she sighs and begins to have tears in her eyes.

A short time later, Catherine watches out of a window probably from her chambers, as Francis and Mary prepare to get into a carriage and leave the castle complete with plenty of guards. She sees a little servant girl give Mary flowers, and she notices that as Mary and Francis get into the carriage white flower petals fall on the ground.

As the carriage and it's escorts leave, Catherine watches and has a look of worry on her face as if she is thinking about Nostradamus' prophecy. Later that afternoon while working in her private study, there is a knock at the door. Catherine grants entry, and as the door opens Bash and several guards enter and from the look on his face she knows that something is horribly wrong. Catherine asks Bash what's wrong but he can say nothing, then she bids him to please talk to her, and with tears in his eyes he tells her that it's Francis.

Moments later, Queen Catherine along with Bash, the guards and Nostradamus enter the glade and she gasps in the shock of seeing her beloved son on the ground dead with Mary over his body. One of the guards tries to stop her; however Catherine holds up her hand to silence him and walks over to Mary who says that she can't let him go.

Catherine says that this isn't Francis as he is gone, and tells Mary to let him go and hold on to her; Catherine then gently takes Mary's hands off Francis' body and while holding back tears of her own comforts her daughter in law who sobs in her arms. The grieving Queens watch as Bash, Nostradamus and the guards pick up Francis to bring him back home.

The next day, the whole French Court comes together to bid farewell to King Francis.

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Catherine cries over the loss of her son as she tells Nostradamus that when she comes back perhaps they can discuss his return to French Court; however Nostradamus has no intention to stay. Catherine says that she needs him, because now with Francis gone she will have to put all of her energy into the fight for the regency and that she cannot do that alone; however her old friend gives her one last vision to help her: Only with the help of Mary will she be able to rule.

He then bids her a long life God willing and departs from the castle. Only 2 weeks after burying her beloved son; Queen Catherine is in her chambers dressed in a black gown, and sitting on her bed which is also draped in black. Catherine is clearly feeling the pain of losing yet another one of her children. Servants and her Ladies are hard at work in her room when Mary enters with a velvet case in her hands; Catherine orders everyone to leave her and Mary alone and they all move to obey. When they are finally alone Mary gives Catherine the case saying "This no longer belongs to me. Catherine says that she thought she wanted the crown back, but then Mary says that maybe Catherine was right to hate her since she caused Francis' death just as Nostradamus predicted.

Catherine listens as Mary further says that her son died saving her, and if she could go back and do it all over again she would give anything so that he might live she then says "I'm so sorry Catherine. To Mary's surprise, Catherine says that she doesn't blame her for what happened to her son, because Francis was his own man who made his own choices, and long ago he chose to love Mary. Catherine further says that she can see Francis and Mary as children so clearly as if it was only yesterday, and a flashback occurs with Francis and Mary as children playing in the castle halls.

When the flashback ends, Catherine gets up from her bed and tells Mary that her love for Francis gave him so much joy, and that is what she must remember as she moves ahead in this life; however Mary says that she doesn't even know how she will do that. The Queen says that she is confident that Mary will find a way maybe not today or tomorrow but she will, because she is so strong. In Fight or Flight , Bash and Mary find Queen Catherine in her chambers, in the middle of the afternoon with the curtains drawn in total darkness.

The Queen is still clearly feeling the pain of burying her son Francis only 3 weeks ago, and Bash and Mary are worried since Catherine is still not acting like herself especially when she needs to be the most. When they check on her Mary comments that Helene said that the Queen has not left her chambers; however Catherine comments that everyday she wakes with the sun, washes and gets dressed. Mary replies that perhaps her mother in law might find comfort in the music room practicing on the virginals or in the castle chapel, but Catherine asks how she can pray to a God when she is certain He does not hear her?

Mary replies that while they are lost right now, Francis saw a future for all of them and hers was bright and powerful as Regent. Bash then says that while Catherine has been distracted by her grief, the privy council has met without her three times Catherine asks if there's another candidate; however Bash says that with the vote only weeks away Lord Grenier has been cozening up to Charles, wooing him with gifts and knows that a King and his Regent can't work together without established trust then Mary says that she thinks Lord Grenier is angling himself for the position.

Catherine cuts Mary off by asking why she wants to help her? Since the very first thing she would to as Regent is to pull French troops out of Scotland, and end the reckless war that Francis sustained purely out of his love for Mary, also that her election could mean the end of Mary's nation Mary, however says that while she has no power in France, she is widowed and alone, but she is staying to help Catherine fight for her future, because she made her husband a promise.

Mary further adds that Francis forgave his mother, because he knew that she was the only one who could secure his brother's reign, and the only choice for Regent. Catherine is still not very hopeful as she says that there isn't a single Noble on the council who would be willing to vote for her; however Mary sets her mother in law straight by saying that she cannot lose this battle, that no one is more focused than she is on keeping Charles on the throne, and she must reclaim what is hers for the sake of her sons. Later that day, Catherine fresh out of her chambers and dressed in a black and silver gown, enters a privy council meeting with Mary by her side.

The men stop and bow in respect as Lord Grenier offers her the council's condolences; however the Queen seems to be back to her old self as she says that she doesn't need their condolences but cooperation since her son while still a child is still their King and should be represented at the council meetings.

Lord Grenier says that this meeting is informal since the council can't make political decisions until a new Regent is elected. Mary then steps in and asks why are they meeting at all then? The two Queens enter Catherine's chambers as she says that either she is a wilting female meant only to mourn or a power grabbing harpy. Mary comments how Lord Grenier seemed very confident as if he had already won though the vote is still weeks away and asks why.

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Catherine replies that Lord Grenier recently sold off one of his most profitable vineyards, and perhaps he's using the money to bribe the council; she also says that Grenier wants to see that she has no power at court and right now the Nobles have the upper hand, and that Francis was wrong to burden her with her future. Mary then says that failing Francis is not an option and if Catherine won't fight, then she will fight them for her. That afternoon, Catherine enters the music room and sits down at a Harpsichord to practice when she is interrupted by the sounds of moaning.

The Queen gets up to investigate and finds two servants having sex; she asks them to kindly untangle themselves reminding them that the music room is off limits to all servants. The girl runs out of the room; however she blocks the man's way and asks his name: Christophe who is a valet de chambre who tends the castle fires; Catherine advises him to exercise discretion and says that she prefers to practice her scales without the accompaniment of lecherous moans.

The servant asks her if she is sure, then bows and leaves the room. Early that evening, in Catherine's chambers, she is sitting at her dressing table while Mary tells her of her chat with Lady Grenier, and that there may finally be a way to take him down that will make Catherine feel more alive than ever. A short time later the two Queens enter Lord Grenier's chambers and he comments that the Queen Mother looks well as Mary orders the guards to leave them. Catherine says that Grenier's plot against the crown is an affront to France and she found it all too easy to rally her spirits; however Mary then says that she and Catherine know about the emergency vote to which Lord Grenier replies that if he wins than it's by popular vote of his peers and he can't think of anything more fair than that.

Queen Catherine however counters by saying that his peers don't know the truth about what he would to as Regent of France, Mary adds that he's been selling off vineyards which Grenier says is his business which is ever evolving, but Mary continues saying that the Crown has been struggling to provide Scotland with more troops and that a mercenary army is a valuable commodity.

Catherine then says that Grenier has quietly become the largest most secretive owner of mercenary armies in the entire country, but Grenier says that if this were true it's not a crime; however Mary says that while it may not be a crime he has turned a legal business practice into an illegal more profitable crime: taking pay from dead soldiers and under reporting their numbers and profiting from each life lost. Mary then asks how long it would be before he turned on the council to double down the military presence in Scotland for personal gain; however Grenier says that Scotland has something to gain also but Mary says that not even she would condone deceiving the council into taking an action that could harm France.

Grenier tells Mary that she is being shortsighted as she explodes saying how dare he call himself a loyal patriot and take advantage of the death of the King her husband, and Grenier says that they have no proof. Catherine stops him before he wastes his breath insulting her, and says that they have proof also while the paper trail was hard to follow Mary managed to do it. The Queen further threatens that if Grenier does not resign then she and Mary will expose him for what he is Lord Grener asks what will happen next when they get rid of him, and then insults Catherine by saying that she has an endless line of enemies who will do whatever they can to stop her from gaining power.

He further says that a weakened grieving woman should never hold the reigns of a nation. Mary calls for the guards who escort him out as she sarcastically thanks him for his service to the King. Once she and Mary are alone, Catherine says that Grenier was right, and Mary says that they will get her those votes; however Catherine says that a Regent must honor the will of the people, and bring the troops home from Scotland which would leave Mary's country defenseless.

Mary knows this; however she says that is was Francis' dying wish that she stick by his mother and she will but Catherine can't ask her to do that and she won't, instead she says that if she is Regent then the troops will remain in Scotland because that is what Francis would want and what her heart would force her to do, she also says that: she must protect the alliance and keep Scotland safe, that unlike Grenier the council will know of her intentions. Mary stop her by saying that if she doesn't withdraw the troops then she could lose the Regency.

Catherine continues saying that: she has watched Mary rally for Francis' cause and honoring her promise to help her at great cost to her own country, that she always thought that her son was wrong to take on Scotland's burden but it was his promise to his wife and his deceleration of love, that she owes it to her son to take care of Mary the same way he asked her to take care of his mother. Mary says that this is not a sacrifice she can ask Catherine to make, however Catherine says that it's a sacrifice that her son would ask her to make, and it will be her last act of mourning. Mary finally says that if this is the case then there is only 1 person who can make this right even if it costs her Scotland.

That night in the throne room, Mary announces to the council and Nobles that until a new Regent is elected the word of the late King Francis remains law since France has always protected Scotland.

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However she says that Catherine has convinced her to allow France to move into the future, and therefore as the other half of the alliance she relieves France and her armies of their duty to Scotland. This news brings cheers and applause from the council. Catherine is informed of the next council meeting, and how they owe her an audience; a council member asks Charles how he would feel about his mother ruling at his side, and he remarks that it would be a great comfort.

Catherine smiles at her son and comments that he is learning. Later still that night, in Mary's new chambers she is in tears as she talks with Catherine about: being only six when she came to France, that she barely remembers Scotland which is a romanticized picture in her mind, how the truth is that France has always been her home, that she threw herself into helping Catherine because it meant she could stay, and now there is nothing but Scotland and a new alliance.

Mary further says that Catherine was right to suggest Don Carlos as a new alliance, but how can she wed another, the Queen says that she can because she must. Mary says that she doesn't even know who she is without Francis, Catherine says that she is still a Queen, but Mary breaks down as she tells her mother in law that she loved Francis, but now it's done and she loved him. Catherine then takes her daughter in law into her arms and comforts her as she cries.

The next day, it's early evening as Catherine dressed in a gown with a black and gold bodice, enters Lord Narcisse's chambers where he is in the middle of changing clothes. Narcisse says that he would like to put on his trousers, but it's nothing Catherine hasn't seen before; Catherine then says that she was reminded of something recently: even at the lowest of her lows she is still stronger than her enemies.

Narcisse admires this quality since she has so many enemies, Catherine then says that she hopes he has enjoyed his union with Lola because she plans on reeking havoc on all he holds dear once she becomes Regent of France. Narcisse tells her that her grandson John was gifted land by Francis which he spent his honeymoon acquiring and received the final deed earlier that day; Catherine realizes that Narcisse has a seat on the privy council as John's guardian and proxy.

The Queen then grabs Narcisse by his balls tightening her grip as she warns him that she will get the votes all of them; however Narcisse says that he is friendly with Nobles on both sides and that he has the deciding vote. He then asks her to either stop her threats or finish the job Later, it's quite late at night as Catherine who is apparently heading for bed walks with one of her Ladies who comments that she was seen leaving Lord Narcisse's chambers, as the Lady says that she put an end to servant's chatter.

Catherine says that she only gave Narcisse the pleasure she doubts he has experienced since marrying Lady Lola, the devious Queen then says that Narcisse doesn't understand that she has found his weakness, a crack in his marriage, that she will use him to become Regent and then lay waste to his happiness. The Queen's Lady calls her devious and brilliant as Catherine says that in the meantime Narcisse gets to share his bed with a pretty young thing while she is expected to retire alone, but something can be done about that.

Catherine is lastly seen entering her chambers to find Christophe tending to her fireplace, she comments on how lovely the fire is as he asks if there is anything else he can do for her. Catherine then begins untying the front of her gown and as she says that she has another fire that needs lighting, and asks to be brought back to life; Christophe then unties Catherine's gown as the two begin undressing each other, kissing and proceed into making love. Mary comes up as Bertram bows and leaves, she comments on how well Catherine and Lord Bertram seem to be getting along and it seems that she may now have the votes she needs to become Regent; Catherine replies that she's close but the matter is not quite settled yet.

The Queen thanks Mary for her sacrifice of removing French troops from Scotland and giving her a political victory , also that as long as she is in power Mary will have an ally in France.

bbmpay.veritrans.co.id/online-dating-de-paymogo.php Mary is worried that they should not have left the Prince alone, but Catherine tells her to keep moving and that she had better pray that Don Carlos dies because he could convince his father who is the most powerful, pious monarch in the world that the sex chair was something that she and Francis used and that Mary introduced it to the Prince and invited Catherine as a participant. Mary then says that nothing would save them from the wrath of Spain. The two Queens make it to Catherine's chambers and agree that until they know the fate of the Prince, they need to come up with a cover story for their whereabouts during the evening; as they hurry to burn their blood stained clothes their cover story is that they were in the Queen's chambers playing a game of chess Since no one knew Mary was visiting the Prince, her servants can back the story up; Catherine soon begins going through her chest of potions and poisons looking for ones to burn since she has been accused of murdering her own son and a stockpile of toxins along with her extensive knowledge of them will not help her cause.

Mary tells Catherine that her son died a hero and not a victim, and asks how she can help her beat these charges? There is knocking at the door as Catherine hurries to put on a robe, and Mary sits down at the chess table with her; the Queen grants entry and Lord Narcisse enters the room asking if he may enter and Catherine asks if she has a choice since he is Regent. Narcisse says that with his new position he has decided to order an inquest to see if there is enough evidence for her to stand trial; Catherine interrupts this as she says that Narcisse stole the regency from her when he decided not to defend her when she was accused of regicide.

Lord Narcisse however, says that he's not the one who made the accusation, but rather it's the Cardinal who is accusing her; Catherine tells him to look no further than her son King Charles who will gladly testify that she would never do anything to harm Francis. Unfortunately for Catherine, and much to her shock; Narcisse tells her that the Privy Council has sent Charles away to some secret location; Mary says that without her son she's as good as convicted.

However, Narcisse says that it is neither his nor the King's job to try her as that job goes to the High Court of France; he further says that since Francis had her locked in the dungeon when he was ill then she had motive to kill her son to become Regent. Catherine asks how she could possibly poison her son from behind bars with no access to them Narcisse stops to ask her what she said and Catherine realizes her misuse of words as she reminds him that they were once friends and lovers as he agrees that her incarceration would suggest a lack of means.

Narcisse further says that were it not for the rat and threatening not she left his wife in her bath then he would believe that she could do noting from behind bars. Catherine insists on her innocence and that Narcisse knows that she did no such thing. Mary comments that Narcisse is trying to put Catherine away forever; however Narcisse says that he's trying to protect France, but the Queen says that he is trying to protect his role as Regent of France.

Catherine then gets up from her chair and grabs Narcisse as she begs him not to do this; however Narcisse says that he cannot ignore what happened to Lola, but Catherine knows that if Lola testifies that she planted that rat it would show that she is capable of poisoning her son from prison when he did it himself to scare Lola into his arms.

Narcisse then orders the guards to search the Queen's chest where she keeps her poisons, then orders Catherine and Mary to leave the room; Mary and Catherine walk down the hall as she denies putting the rat in Lola's bath. Mary says that she knows Catherine didn't do it, as she knows the glint Narcisse has in his eyes when he lies as well as the fact that he seemed strangely conflicted with the charges against her.

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Catherine replies that Narcisse may not have framed her for Francis' death, but he'd be happy to see her hang by the tail of a rat; she also asks if there is no poisoning conspiracy then what does she make of a mysterious bottle she found and hid before Narcisse arrived. The bottle contains Oil of Vitriol which darkens the liver, and does not belong to her; Mary looks at her with suspicion at first but the Queen insists that it's not hers.

Mary asks Catherine if she thinks that Narcisse planted, but the Queen replies that she doesn't know; Mary says that it would be difficult since there are guards outside Catherine's doors at all times and it's not like he's welcome in her chambers. Catherine pauses before admitting that she and Narcisse rekindled their love affair Catherine says that she understands if Mary is no longer her ally but it won't be long before news of Don Carlos's accident spreads through the castle, and that the nobles and delegations from Spain will be looking for someone to blame and it cannot be them.

Mary agrees to talk to Lola and try and convince her that the rat was not Catherine's doing, which won't be easy unless Mary mentions the infidelity of Narcisse; however Mary doesn't want to inflict unnecessary pain and insists on doing it her way That same night, Catherine visits the chambers of her daughter Princess Claude who is getting ready for bed.

Catherine says that she came to say good night; however Claude shows her mother the summons she received to be at the inquest, and asks if it will occur to them to ask point blank of she poisoned any of her other children. Catherine takes the summons and says that she wasn't in her right mind when that happened as she was being poisoned herself, but Claude says that this comforts her little as her mother replies that she must know that she would never raise a finger against Francis. The Princess say that of course her mother wouldn't harm Francis, because he was her favorite but her Claude sits on her bed as Catherine says that from the moment her daughter was born their relationship has been complicated, since they live in a world that undervalues women.

The Queen sits next to her daughter, and further says that while she may be guilty of favoring her sons over her daughters; Claude interrupts her to say that she is nothing more than an annoyance to her mother, a problem, and a thing to be given away in marriage. Catherine admits that while her daughter is a handful, she swears that she truly does love her; she further says that when Claude marries that she'll break her heart and beg for a letter and a visit just as she is begging for her forgiveness now.

Claude looks at her mother and agrees not to tell the council of how she poisoned her Catherine agrees and asks if she has someone in mind, but Claude doesn't answer and bids her mother good night. The next day, Catherine is dressed in a gown and a black cloak as she exits a door and heads for the gates. However there are guards at the gates and two ladies distract the guards as the Queen makes for the gate; Catherine doesn't make it though because she is soon caught by Bash who says that as an accused murderer she can't leave the castle.

Catherine insists that she was trying to do nothing of the kind as Bash grabs her, and she demands that he unhand her; however luckily for Catherine Bash is on her side since Mary wanted him to offer his assistance. Bash asks how he can help, and Catherine says she has a theory that requires travel from the castle Bash offers to go in her stead and Catherine proceeds to tell him about Saint Denis where Francs is buried: she wants him to find the embalmer who removed the King's organs and find out if Francis' liver was already black when it was removed Catherine asks Bash why he is showing her kindness and compassion that she has rarely shown him over the years; Bash replies that he feels love for his dead brother, and anger that someone could think that she would harm Francis, and those feeling have lead him to be with her.

Catherine thanks him and turns to leave, when she is suddenly met face to face with a messenger who has news about Don Carlos' condition and had orders to inform Catherine immediately. In No Way Out , Queen Catherine emerges from her chambers dressed in a black and gold gown, and welcomes Mary home from her trip to Rome which was to gain funds to help her get an army so that she can return to Scotland and reclaim her throne. Catherine apologizes for not being there to greet Mary as she was planning her tour of the provinces in the spring; Mary comments that the regency suits her; however the Queen further states that she saw Mary arrive and talking to the English Ambassador at length.

Mary explains that she was lying to him saying that her plea to the Vatican was refused when actually it was received happily with an agreement to help gather any forces she may need. Catherine comments that her daughter in law is playing possum while building a Catholic army, but Mary comments that her enemies in England and Scotland can't stop her if they don't know her plans. The Queen says that the element of surprise will help Mary greatly since she has many Protestants against her like the zealot John Knox, and the Highland Tribes who have a detest for any type of monarchy; Mary comments that Gideon must be kept in the dark since Elizabeth cannot know her plans either.

Catherine then asks if it was difficult for Mary to lie to Gideon to which she replies that it wasn't; The Queen further says that the reason she asked is because she noticed that they were spending lots of time together and Mary asks if she is suggesting that she take an English spy as her lover but Catherine replies that she is doing nothing of the sort; however as Francis' mother if Mary wants permission then she has it.